Thursday, February 22, 2007

And Then There Was Light

Gnosticism is a tricky word. It can mean so many things, and indeed manages to encompass any number of different meanings at once, depending on who you ask.

My interest in gnosis and Gnosticism was first piqued after I read a book by a certain television psychic. That was several years ago and, at the time, I didn't explore the subject further. At various times in the past I have considered myself agnostic and pagan, and eventually I began to explore Buddhism. Needless to say, I had certainly taken a few steps away from the Southern Baptist beliefs I had been born into.

It has only been within the last year that I began to reconnect with gnosticism. This is thanks in large part to the wit and writings in the blog of Fr. Jordan Stratford+ of the Apostolic Johannite Church, an "esoteric Gnostic Christian communion with valid Apostolic succession". While I've never met him or indeed spoken to him, his passion for this gnosis Thing, and of his work with the AJC, has definitely been an inspiration.

My efforts to learn more about gnosis and Gnosticism have given me more questions than answers, but I know that it is this search that will lead me to the answers I seek.

In the last few days I have felt drawn to start this blog as a place where I can let my thoughts spill over, if only for my own benefit. I had gone so far as to pick out a name, but I questioned whether I wanted to commit to it.

Yesterday I was reading a post in Fr. Jordan's blog, and came upon a quote from the Book of Wisdom of Solomon,
Resplendent and unfading is Sophia, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her.
Thinking back to a few days ago of the name that sprang to mind when I first conceived making my own blog, Seeker of Sophia, there was now no lingering doubt in my mind as to whether I would write this blog. I found the answer I was looking for.

While I don't know exactly where this journey of exploration and knowledge, both of myself and of things Gnostic will lead, the journey has nevertheless begun.

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