Friday, March 2, 2007

First Steps

I've been pondering (for a while actually but more actively today) about what I should do on a day to day basis to allow myself to focus my thoughts on gnosis. The first steps of developing my praxis, if you will.

A single prayer, or a verse from the texts of the Nag Hammadi Library to vocalise and ponder as Fr. Jordan Stratford+ suggests, is a good place to begin.

I am actually rather drawn to the idea of a Gnostic rosary. Growing up a Protestant I was always fascinated with Catholicism's rituals, the Marian rosary chief among them. There has always been something somewhat magical about it for me, both the physical act of passing your fingers over the beads, and of the mental process of reciting the memorised verse. The ability to let your mind flow over the words and to allow yourself to meditate on deeper meanings in the context of the rosary entrances me. I think the original reason I became interested in it was because rosary beads can be quite beautiful and oh, so sparkly, but I digress.

I think that's too ambitious to start out with, though. I want to begin simply
so that I can get into the habit of a daily prayer, or act of focus and meditation. The end goal is to allow myself a means to connect with the Divine, to further explore gnosis, thus I must first learn how to turn my attention inward.

For quite a while I have only committed myself to reading about gnosis and Gnosticism from sources on the internet. I finally intend to move beyond that and begin to actively approach my gnosis.

Ultimately I hope to search out a Gnostic church or group to participate in. Communion with like-minded people who understand my journey and can appreciate that for which I seek can only strengthen me. There is a reason that humanity has, for so long, sought to experience the Divine together. The shared experience holds meaning that the solitary experience can't recreate, and vice-versa. Right now I am at a stage where I feel that I need to explore these things mostly on my own.

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