Thursday, March 15, 2007

Prayer (Meditation) Beads

I've been reading a thread over at the Palm Tree Garden Forums by LucidusV about "cobbling together a home Gnostic practice" if you're an individual Gnostic seeking your gnosis on your own, for whatever reason, like I currently am.

He talks about his meditation space, and the various odds and ends he has there. These things help him to focus himself, and to create a space for him apart from his everyday life from items found in his everyday life. At least, this is my understanding of what he wrote! In any event, I digress.

One of the things he mentions are his prayer beads. As I've said previously, I am very much drawn to the idea of prayer beads, and reading his posts got me thinking. I didn't think that I had easy access to a rosary, but what I do have are some beads that I once used to make a buddhist mala. There are a number of wood, carnelian, and tiger's eye beads that I had forgotten all about until a few minutes ago. They seem perfect for the task at hand.

I am still not sure exactly how to assemble a set of specifically Gnostic prayer beads, but at least I have the materials. I'll try to find something, as I am sure there is something about this somewhere on the glorious internet. I hope to incorporate their use into my praxis, if not at first. I still have yet to find a prayer that I really find meaningful. The search continues, though.

Edit: I found a great page from Jeremy Puma's blog, Fantastic Planet. It's a post with material from his book, Mysteries of the Gnostic Ascent. The post on his blog details how to make a Gnostic chaplet, and includes prayers, both long and short versions, from Bro. Puma. This info is great, and I am really happy to have found it.

There are two other versions of a Gnostic rosary that I know of, both of them more traditional in that they are very much in the form of the Roman Catholic rosary. One is from the Apostolic Gnostic Church in America (AGCA), and the other is made available from the website of the Gnostic Society.

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