Saturday, April 14, 2007

Prayer Beads, Part Two

After being inspired by Rev. Langley's post (which I mentioned in my previous post), I came up with an idea for some prayer beads.

The image is a crude diagram of the final result (as I haven't a camera or scanner, sorry, had to improvise). The red beads are carnelian, the yellow with the stripe down the centre are tiger's eye, and the rectangular one is wood. The little black lines represent knots in the cord.

It's similar in style to a chaplet, but will be used a little differently, thus the difference in layout from a typical chaplet. There is, obviously, a cross and 10 upper beads. The upper, or carnelian beads, will be used as a point of focus for The Prayer of the Heart, and the cross is used as an anchor (or at least, that is what I call it) because it seems appropriate, and I like it.

Update: I have now actually finished the beads. They aren't exactly as in the diagram as I had a different idea about the construction once I started assembling them (the carnelian beads are closer together), and they look rather... amateurish, but all things considered I am quite pleased with them! I intend to make a daily habit of saying the Prayer of the Heart at least 10 - 15 times on each bead, for a total of 100 - 150 repetitions. I blessed them in the names of Holy Sophia and Christ the Logos, and am quite happy with this small, but for me, important step.

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