Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have been praying the Prayer of the Heart for the last few days with my prayer beads. Although I appreciate how it focuses me, and allows me to contemplate the Holy Logos, myself, and gnosis in general, I don't think that it specifically is the prayer I will find most beneficial for this task.

As it is I have already altered the words for something more in tune with what I feel is more appropriate, and even so, it is still a prayer directed only at the Holy Logos. I could also include the Holy Wisdom in my focus, but for that I might as well rewrite the prayer entirely, so that is what I have decided to do.

Truth be told I would rather focus on Sophia, as I do feel more of a connection with Her. The Christos is something for which I had rejected for a number of years, so that is a concept I still have yet to fully embrace. The Gnostic framework that I now have does make that slightly easier to do, however. It has given me an entirely different understanding, one that actually makes sense to me, as foreign as it sounded upon first discovery.

I know that these are very basic, on-the-face sorts of issues, but I feel that once I have a daily routine of practice I will be able to focus more readily on the more in depth issues. The present is a time of exploration of praxis in whatever form it may take. As they say, baby steps.


  1. While I prefer the traditional wording, many people choose to re-word the prayer to suit their own needs.

    Thomas Keating, author of "Centering Prayer," advises folks to "Choose a sacred word as the symbol of your intention to consent to God's presence and action within."

    I think that the main point is persistance--find something that works and then do it; I carry around a small prayer rope in my pocket to remind me throughout the day to continue the prayer.

    Of course you will find throughout the day that your mind wanders --but the fact that you notice this is a sign of progress.

  2. I had begun reconsidering my attempt to change the prayer. I wrote something similar in form to the original, yet different. It encompassed all I felt I wanted it to, yet it just did not have the same impact for me as the original.

    Occasionally I have the tendency to cling on to certain ideas without examining them enough. I was trying to be too literal, but your words have encouraged me to expand my thoughts on the matter.

    Thank you very kindly for your thoughts and inspiration, Rev. Langley.