Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I don't pretend to know everything. I do know that the experience I have had (because I do feel that I have only ever had one true experience of gnosis) is but a mere glimpse of something so much greater than I can imagine. I am somewhat able to put this in perspective.

I admit some of my faults. I don't always strive for gnosis every day. Sometimes I am lazy and let the importance of love and compassion and wisdom slip through my thinking process and actions. Sometimes I am selfish and inconsiderate or insensitive. It's not something I try to be, but through my lack of concious thought, it happens.

Having said that, I can sense that I am changing. It's a slow process, very slow. I imagined something more spectacular and instantly life changing when I first realised there was something that gave meaning to how I felt about life and what I believed. That something was (if you've been following along you'll already know this one!) Gnosticism. The ignorance of that original perception has been removed, but the excitement about what I've learned remains.

I still have much to learn, so very, very much. Part of the purpose for this blog, although I didn't really appreciate it at the time I created it, was to have the opportunity to come back and see how I have grown and how I am progressing with my understanding. It's at moments where I feel discouraged that this is most rewarding. It's as if I'm watching sped up still photography of a flower opening its petals and growing from a closed bud to a vibrant and beautiful thing.

I've only just begun to see the blooming of the first rose in the garden though, and I'm perfectly happy with that, because I know with proper care that the garden is yet to come.

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