Saturday, February 9, 2008

On a Date

I've been working on another blog I created some weeks ago, although it's not a blog in the classical sense of the word. I'm using it as a personal liturgical calendar. I am also using it as a tool to learn about subjects that are important to my understanding of what being a Gnostic means, and how it is expressed.

For the most part I am going off the liturgical calendar of the AJC, with some dates from the EG, OA, and other dates that I think are personally relevant. This is more of a long term project, in that I pick a date from the calendar and I research subjects or events honored or celebrated on that day, and then summarize as a post in chronological order (it requres some manipulation of the timestamps, heh) in the blog. As you can imagine, with a calendar of 60 - 70 days, there's a lot to read through and become familiar with.

I'm finding it fairly fulfilling, personally. It's allowing me to become more aware of not only Gnostic references and ideas, but also overtly "mainstream" Christian ones, and how they relate to each other. I was raised Protestant (Southern Baptist, specifically), abandoned the church in my late childhood (I was so over it at 9 or 10, I thought), and am now drawn to more Catholic and Orthodox shades of Christianity within a Gnostic mindset. It's quite a learning experience.

Right now I work on it when I feel motivated and so far I have been choosing entries around the actual date. Currently I am working on the entry for Valentinus, honored on February 14. I know relatively little about Valentinus, certainly no more than the very basic understanding (began the Valentinian school of Gnosticism, was influenced by Platonism, wasn't very popular with Irenaeus et al, could have been a contender [for Bishop of Rome] etc). My exploration of the topic is opening up an entire umbrella of related subjects, the study of which will go on long after I finish the entry in my little calendar.

It's all very fascinating, to say the least!

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