Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ever so often I like to change the look of the blog. If fact, Seeker of Sophia has been through three major thematic times in its life. I liked the first incarnation. I was quite happy with it, and it reflected something about myself at the time.

Eventually I outgrew it and decided that I could do better. So I did, and I spent some time making the layout much snazzier, in my opinion, and I was very happy with the result. I carried over part of the original theme, the rainbow gradient, light shifted and shown in so many ways, and layered a lotus blossom atop it, to symbolize growth and flowering.

So it is fitting in this time of the year, when the Sun is reborn, when we are celebrating birth of things new, when people are celebrating the changes to come, with hopefulness and faith and effort, both in the world and in themselves, that I have decided to change the look yet again. As with the first two versions of the blog, the layout represents me in a way, perhaps in only ways that I am aware of. It reflects that I am changing, hopefully growing and learning, becoming someone better than myself. All this based on what I have learned and what I continue to seek out, whether that be gnosis, Sophia and Christ, god, something to listen to, a book to read, a meal to eat, a future that I can be happy with, or simply myself.

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