Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bible Barn(stone)

I just came across a recent article about Willis Barnstone in the San Francisco Chronicle. For those unfamiliar with Barnstone, he's authored or edited a number of books, some in conjunction with others (e.g. Marvin Meyer), including two books I have and would suggest checking out, The Gnostic Bible and the The Other Bible (although his wider range of work extends beyond biblical texts).

He has a new publication coming out, The Restored New Testament: A New Translation with Commentary, Including the Gnostic Gospels Thomas, Mary, and Judas (see cover above), and it looks quite promising. It's not inexpensive (list price is $59.95, although Amazon currently lists it at around $40), but I think it will have a unique perspective as far as NT publications go. Willis would seem to be a poet at heart, and the addition of the Gospels of Thomas, Mary, and Judas is, of course, intriguing. At the very least it might be worth trying to find a copy at your local library.

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